"Grove Street Tracks" 2017  by Ricardo Roig

Limited Edition Hand Cut Screen Prints

Unframed: 18” x 13”

Framed: 21” x 16” ($1500)


"Grove Street Tracks" by Ricardo Roig Limited Edition Hand Cut Screen Prints

  • Limited Edition Hand Cut Paper Stencil Screen Prints.

    These original, fine works of art are made from paper stencils by cutting shapes out of paper with an exact-o-knife and then using a squeegee to push the mixed acrylic inks through these openings when it is attached to a screen. The porous screen allows the ink to travel through the cut-openings thereby creating a very sharp-edged graphic effect for this unique printmaking technique. Each color is a different stencil that is layered upon one another as the puzzle is pieced together and the image is formed.

    The print becomes a culmination of color shapes built upon these relationships. In celebration of the heroes of woodblock prints and a furthering of the torch in new innovative approaches to the printed image, these works promote a renewed sense of beauty juxtaposed with masterful technique. Each piece is made by hand, signed and dated by Ricardo.