is our way of engaging customers and friends old and new to be able to acquire art for their homes and offices from our sponsored artists. In so doing we provide funds for the community's various 501(c) 3 art organizations which are in acute need of funding to support local artists of all types through its donation of a generous portion of all sales proceeds.


In addition to our world-class art sales gallery, we provide professional custom framing business, specializing in conservation and archival framing. Our team provides guidance and bespoke framing advice to create unique designs for your needs.  We are master framers and members of the Professional Picture Framers Association. We offer the largest selection of superior quality moldings in Hudson County, from basic blacks to the latest designer moldings from Italy.  Our framing services are fully insured and guarantee the quality of our work and materials for one year.  


Additional information about our specialty framing services can be found at