Ricardo Roig

Ricardo is a professional fine artist from Hoboken, NJ who maintains an art studio where he creates and a separate art gallery where he exhibits his work. Recently Roig opened a new showroom with interior Designer Jenny Madden in the W Hotel Hoboken, 225 River Street. Here at Roig Collection, Ricardo can meet his collectors in a comfortable and convenient location while adding color to the neighborhood giving the public something new to see every day. 

Ricardo creates full time growing his collection of hand-cut prints as well as works on personal pieces, commissioned artworks, collages, paintings, and murals. Outside of Art Ricardo enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling whenever possible. Roig has a wife and son.

“Art is my meditation and expression. Drawing with my exact-o knife to cut out paper stencils gives permanence to the moment. Cutting out these individual shapes of color allows me a peaceful escape into a world of vivid color and abstracted shapes. In this imaginative mind state, I can explore and channel my own aesthetic. Drawing, cutting, taping, screen printing, and applying each color layer is a rewarding daily practice. As time grows so does the artwork evolve. Although I have a vision and a plan for each limited edition of hand-cut screen prints, I don’t necessarily know how it will look until it is completed. In every stage of the process I take breaks to look, critique, discover and make the best choice for the next stencil of color shapes. It is this conversation where the piece takes form. I start to listen to what it is asking for and what it needs to become Art. I’m always renewed with energy at every layer and know that in the end, I will be creating something new for the world- offering people something different and inspirational to see and enjoy.”


-Ricardo Roig